1. Life Without Color 2. Summer 3. Rope 4. Someday 5. Quick to Disperse


6. What in the World 7. El Diablo un Patrono 8. Over Here 9. Sleeping in the Dream 10. Above the Big Wide 11. Reaching Out

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Weight 600 g

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spin on black is proud to present the remixed/re-mastered versions of Orquesta’s second release, Dos, on 12″ 180 gr. gatefold vinyl version, in 500 limited copies. Written during the fall and winter of 2002, Orquesta del Desierto began the tracking for Dos in the spring of 2003 in the hi-desert. When Dos was first released there were two different editions for the European and the US markets; this reissue in features the songs “Rope” and “Reaching Out” which were never released in Europe and “El Diablo un Patrono” which was never released in the United States. For those who are new to the band, prepare to hear the romance of the desert as you have never heard it before. The artwork has been entirely renewed by Luca “Solo Macello” Martinotti. The newly remastered record will be available on February 17th 2017.

While Dandy Brown and Pete Stahl had composed the majority of material for the first album, Dos features a wider variety of arrangements that include compositions from Mark Engel and Mike Riley, and a contribution from Stephen Brodsky. Blended with the songs written by Stahl and Brown, the contributions of Engel and Riley moved the group’s second effort toward more dynamic nuances in the texture of the material, and songs that began to take on the shape of a group that was maturing into something spectacular. Updated by Harper Hug at Thunder Underground in Palm Springs, California, this remix/re-master offers enhanced fidelity features that were not available to the group when originally producing the album.To those already familiar with the band’s releases, we hope that this updated master offers you a heightened listening experience.