Satori Junk was born in Milan (Italy) among the dense fog and the smoke of the urban waste landfills. An acid cocktail full of fuzz and electronics.
Rough sounds, repetitive and loud overwhelming riffs and lyrics coming from dreams, hangover nightmares and horror movie atmospheres. The band’s main idea is to trap the listener in their rabid and uncomfortable distorted world.

December 2012. After four months of rehearsal and jamming, the band recorded its first demo in a single day. In October 2013, after many small gigs on the local scene, Satori Junk started to gain visibility supporting Doomraiser on their Milan show. On the back of this positive experience, the band decided to record its whole repertoire, and on January 2014 started the recordings of the first album. The self-titled LP was released on February 2015 by Taxi Driver Records. After that release, the band appeared in two of the most important Italian underground festivals: Solo Macello and Navajo Calling, sharing the stage with bands like Red Fang, Iron Reagan, Mortuary Drape, Caronte, Saturnalia Temple, Kröwnn and Black Oath. The next two years were very intense with lots of live shows and opening acts for many international bands such as Lord Vicar, Salem’s Pot, Midnight Ghost Train, Bright Course, Abysmal Grief, Nibiru, Ira del Baccano. In June 2017, Satori Junk started the recording of the second album: The Golden Dwarf. December 2017. After being sold-out, the first album was rereleased by Minotauro Records.
Photo by Photorouge.