about us

Music is our real passion and we hold it dearly. The listening experience, no matter what music genre it is, embodies more than just absorbing sound waves; it involves all senses. According to our philosophy, a vinyl is the proper way to enjoy a mint experience and get involved in the creation of art. Listening to a record is like a ceremony, which starts by discovering each detail of the artwork on the front and back covers. Step by step, you gently pull the vinyl out of the sleeve, you clean it, you spin the turntable and place the record waiting for the needle to catch the first grooves of the opening track and until the music overwhelms you.
spin on black bears witness to the ideas and concepts of our fellow musicians; we honour the original mood but provide further sensorial details. We rely on the support of a competent and motivated team of professionals and on friends who devotedly believe in our project. The variety of their views and suggestions animates us and adds value to the final outcome.